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Wednesday June 26, 2013

Yep, that's right. It may come as a bit of a surprise to those who know me well, but I now use a phone for more than ignoring incoming calls. It is no secret that among my weakness' is an adversion towards all things technological. Many who have come to know me recently through my affiliation with tattoonow, and Off the Map may assume that I am a technogeek like my contemporaries. In fact that couldn't be farther than the truth. After purchasing my first computer some whole 5 years ago, I have finally thrown out my dated brick phone in exchange for a new fangled modern Iphone.

     I have always enjoyed attachment to the natural world, and detachment from modern mind prisons. And though this doesn't mean I will be wholly absorbed by my 2"x3" screen. I will be sharing a bit more of the work mostly reserved for the enjoyment of my fantastic clients with the outside world....Probably. So if you are still reading this why don't you go follow me on instagram, I hear that is where all the cool kids are hanging out nowadays, so I plan on dropping in and being that akward guy on the outskirts of the party likely barely engaging, as is usually my modus operandi.

     In other news, perhaps my engagment with the outside world(though often limited) has reaped rewards, as for the first time in my career I have found myself with the fortunate problem of being too popular to keep up with demand. I am currently booking into 2014, which is a bit longer than I would like. I now have a waiting list for potential new clients. As my schedule allows for new projects I will be contacting people off of said list. I must say that I am extremely honored to be sought after to permanently mark your bodies. I just can only do so much as I am only 1 ordinary man with many ordinary responsibilities on top of my professional obligations. For those of you willing to wait a little I encourage you to fill out the form, and I look forward to many more exciting projects to come.

     In travel news I will be attending the Paradise tattoo gathering in Keystone Co.Sept. 12-15th This enthralling, and inspiring eventis put on by my comrades @ Tattoonow, and Off the Map. I will be around the Off the Map booth, and may be available to tattoo. I will also be attending Hell City in Phoenix AZ, I may or may not be fully booked for this show, but if you are attending please say hi, and chat me up a bit, I do these shows to come out of hiding, and enjoy the interaction. I look forward to seeing all my friends on these travel dates. If you made it to the end of this ramble, thank you for being a fan, tattooing would be lame without you, it is about the people.


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