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Tuesday February 05, 2013

       I did this swank blue owl today. I love a day when I can sit down with a client who has come to me with enough trust in my abilities to give me a vague and brief description of what they seek, and allow me to do the rest the way that I know best. One of the great things about tattooing for me is that trust, and that unknown factor. The thought of not knowing exactly what the finished product will be, then meeting your new tattoo and getting to know this new piece of you that you can't easily part with, and hopefully would never want to. My client today sat like a rock, never complained and let me create completely this unique owl tattoo for her. Only ever seeing a rough scribbling in marker on her arm before taking the plunge. She said here's my arm give me a cute colorful owl, I've seen what you do and that's what I want. That is a perfect day for me, Thank you and enjoy.


         This is a great example of a single session tattoo, I have tons of great multiple session projects also in progress, from a steampunk nautilus propelling itself into space, to a first contact sleeve featuring an alien absolutely smitten for a cute space faring earth babe. Please keep tabs as it only gets better and better.


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