Another year down

Saturday January 03, 2015

    A new year is here, lending opportunity to reflect upon the events that have transpired since the earth last completed this measured orbit around it's star. I am now recently returned from travel which included the Due South Tattoo expo in Biloxi MS, a visit with the family to see grandpa in Florida, and a quick stop by Disney world to make my daughters dreams come true. This last trip capped  year that was as busy as could be, and greatly succesful in many ways.It was a tight balance with many great family adventures, and business trips including my first international travel which brought me to the beautiful city of Paris France.

       It has certainly been an exciting and eventful year. I am currently managing my schedule to make this next year equally adventerous. last years resolutions for the new year fell flat, so I'm not resolving to be obliged to any yearly goal this year. Perhaps I could find time to work on my unfinished goals from last year before another 12 moon cycles pass by. My schedule is currently closed and I am working off existing projects. That may change any time as I figure out this coming years obligations further, so stay tuned, and always feel free to email me any ideas, for when I do reopen my books

        If your still reading I'd like to close by thanking all the fine folks who support me in my quest through life, and tattooing. Tattooing would be pretty lame without all the human bonding stuff, and emotions and things... mushy mushy sap.... Yay Art!


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