New Years Fuck Yeah

Sunday January 05, 2014

 Happy New year, to everyone. Check out this rad watercolor I did recently. It's been over a year since I used water color so this is the 3rd attempt after failing horribly. In reflecting upon this year past, time constraints have been a big thing. From having no time to paint, or do anything but tattoo and be a father. To having to stop taking clientele on for the first time. It has been a year of adjustment, but a great year for sure. The realization that life demands much more than you can put forth, and that boredom is an alien concept can be a realization that you are acheiving success wether you judge it through proffessional, or personal triumph.

       This has certainly been a busy year. There are challenges to time managment, and perhaps customers have found it more difficult to secure an appointment, or I have not been able to make time to share with you like this as often as could be. Either way I count myself fortunate to have these be among my challenges. And I would like to thank all of my great clients who have supported me. I spent much of my first decade of tattooing flirting with being able to carry myself, and at times doubting my choice to chase a fickle dream. Now I am in more demand then I could commit to. So thank you to all my clients, and the great support staff at Off the Map for elevating me to a more secure position where I am allowed to pursue my goals with renewed excitement.

         This coming year will surely be an even bigger one. As I slowly play catch up to my scheduled obligations, there is chance that I may begin opening my schedule up more for new clients soon. In the mean time I reccomend if you are looking to get tattooed to email me @ in order to get your idea reviewed for a spot on the waiting list. Perhaps the best way to get in with me soon will be by catching me away from home on my travel. Current travel dates include///     Mar. 7th thru 9th Mondial Du Tattouage 2014 in Paris France  /// April 11th thru 13th Hell City tattoo convention, Columbus OH /// April15th thru 17th Twisted Anchor tattoo in Gulf Shores Missippi ///  August 15th thru 17th Hell City tattoo convention Phoenix AZ /// December something  Due South Tattoo Expo Missippi  /// Plus many other still to be hammered out. Thank you to all who have helped make last year great. I look forward to all of your continued support in th new year.


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